Anodes are devices for anti-corrosion protection on the inside of the tank. With this device, the indirect heating tank will be reliably and permanently protected against corrosion.

Active titanium anodes

SMART-TANK Gn / Hn / Hn-X model

For enamelled carbon steel tanks and storage basins and stainless steel tanks with a volume from 50 up to 5000 l.


  • Continuously adjustable protection current
  • Operating hour meter
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection at the power supply
  • Polarity inversion protection at the anode output
  • Built-in functional indicator with red/green LED.
  • Integrated test circuit.

Rated volume:
50-5000 l

300-900 mm


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Magnesium anodes

A magnesium anode protects the inner surface of the heater tank against corrosion and the heating element against limescale buildup, reducing its density and facilitating tank cleaning. The magnesium anode is installed by manufacturers in both dry and wet heating element tanks, which provides corrosion protection not only for the heating element, but also for the internal surface of the tank.

As most water heaters are made of metal, their interaction with water cannot be avoided. This means that corrosion cannot be avoided because tap water contains dissolved oxygen, which promotes corrosion. As the water in the tank heats up, the oxygen is actively released from the water and reacts with the metal, destroying the tank walls of the water heater.

To prevent corrosion, the magnesium anode must be inspected regularly and replaced if the anode is even partially destroyed. For more information on inspection and replacement of the magnesium anode, refer to the tank’s data sheet or the installation and operating instructions.