About Us


About Us

Company is a joint venture using European capital and technology. The core business area of the Company is the production of heat- and cold-accumulation storage tanks and indirect water heaters for use in heating, air conditioning and hot water supply systems. The company includes three factories.



The core business area of the Company is the production of heat accumulation tanks for use in heating and hot water supply systems, as well as stainless steel water heaters.

Presently, the model range of products offered includes tanks from 150 up to 5000 liters. The product range also includes tanks with one or two carbon steel or stainless steel coils.

Standard is already available with fire-resistance polyester thermal insulation as well as polyurethane foam insulation

Welding seams are made by a welding robot

The tank coils are made from stainless (AISI 304) and carbon steel coated with German enamel and are the largest in their class.

All tanks are thoroughly inspected and tested after production, so that manufacturing defects are absolutely ruled out

All tanks have a manufacturer warranty from 2 up to 10 years